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Charleston, W.Va. – “West Virginia manufacturers stand firmly with natural gas and coal, while advocating further development of renewables, and for that matter nuclear power. All play a role in energizing America,” said Rebecca McPhail, president of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association. “Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to attack fossil fuels is misguided absent any reasonable thought as to what will replace them. The renewables that Bloomberg champions are by their nature intermittent. The stability of fossil fuels is needed for the foreseeable future to provide the energy necessary to power our homes, fuel our cars, and manufacture the products that we all use.”

WV Chamber LogoCharleston, W.Va.The West Virginia Manufacturers Association and the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce have both come out in strong support of the West Virginia Student Success Act of 2019.  The Student Success Act contains many provisions that will benefit parents, students, and teachers across West Virginia.  Consideration of the bill will occur in the West Virginia Senate on Saturday, June 1.

As Senate Bill 163 makes its way to Gov. Jim Justice for approval, the West Virginia Manufacturers Association wants to thank the West Virginia Legislature and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for allowing the time necessary to establish accurate human health criteria for West Virginia.

At the same time, we want to express our disappointment in the failure to pass SCR 39 creating a Joint Select Committee on Requirements Governing Water Quality Resources in West Virginia. Absent this commission, the WVMA urges the Legislature to provide a forum for further discussion and education related to West Virginia’s regulatory structure and water quality issues.