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If you are a manufacturer or if you support manufacturing, then the WVMA serves you! As a manufacturers' association, the WVMA is the state’s most effective advocate for manufacturing.

Manufacturing is a growing industry in West Virginia, representing nearly 10 percent of West Virginia’s Gross State Product and over half of the State’s exports annually. With more than 51,000 employed in the industry, manufacturing is the strong "Economic Engine" in West Virginia. Manufacturing compensation on average is more than $27,000 higher than other employers in the state.

WVMA membership signifies that your company is dedicated to best practices in industry, quality products, and maintaining and improving a strong manufacturing base in West Virginia. The WVMA represents your professional values while providing tangible member benefits.

Why get involved with the WVMA?

  • The WVMA advocates for West Virginia manufacturers, communicates and listens to its members and ultimately protects and creates a manufacturing-friendly environment.
  • The WVMA, in existence since 1915, is "THE" voice for West Virginia manufacturing.
  • The WVMA offers a unique ROI- through a combination of benefits and programs designed just for members.
  • The WVMA is member-driven, reflecting the viewpoints of members.
  • The WVMA's Governmental Affairs Team is a strong, effective, and experienced group of the state's policy experts who represent the best interests of manufacturing in West Virginia.
  • The WVMA connects manufacturers through networking opportunities around the state.
  • The WVMA provides opportunities for you to help shape manufacturing-friendly public policy.WVMA Trend Talks 500x500 1

WVMA Trend Talks

Always committed to providing members with the latest and best information on manufacturing trends, the WVMA regularly offers short webinars on hot topics in the industry. These important information sessions are free to members and are available for a nominal cost to non-members. Webinars present information from industry experts within the WVMA or from others who may be invited as topical experts.

Now in its second year, Trend Talks is presented via the Zoom online video conferencing platform and live participation is required. Previous topics include cyber security, social media management, and legislative policy. We invite anyone who has suggestions about trends worth highlighting to reach out to the WVMA.

WVMA Member Benefits/Services

  • A direct connection to state policymakers and regulators.
  • Advocacy for manufacturers on legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Access to the BrickStreet Safety Program and generous discounts on Worker’s Compensation premiums for qualified manufacturers through BrickStreet.
  • Special offers on insurance, shipping, uniforms, training, occupational testing, and other professional services.
  • Marketing opportunities of your products and services through the WVMA's seminars, e-communications, and special events.
  • Legislative updates and alerts.
  • The ability to provide your employees with peer networking and business development through WVMA committees like the Environmental, Safety & Health, Chemical Industry, Government Affairs, Human Resources, Workforce/Education Advisory Council, and more.

Membership Categories

  1. Manufacturer (Full Membership) – Companies primarily engaged in manufacturing or providing a product or services that adds direct, tangible value to the end product.
  2. Associate Member – Companies providing non-manufacturing related services or products.
  3. Utility Member – Companies representing public utilities in West Virginia.
  4. Energy Member – Companies representing the energy industry in West Virginia (natural gas, coal, etc.). 
  5. Emeritus Member – Any retired individual who has been employed by a WVMA member company during his or her career.

Join the WVMA Today!

Your company will benefit through membership in the WVMA. Join us as we work to improve the economic health of our communities through manufacturing. Your membership today makes our message and our mission stronger. The rewards are many – the benefits mutual.  

Membership subject to approval by the WVMA Board of Directors.