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The West Virginia Manufacturers Association serves as THE voice of the manufacturing industry to West Virginia’s public policy makers and leaders.  Focusing on issues that affect manufacturers and supporting industries, while speaking as a unified bloc, the WVMA relies on the input of members in establishing legislative priorities

The WVMA educates legislators and regulators at both the state and national level on issues critical to the manufacturing community and its workers. The WVMA is recognized as a credible and influential force in West Virginia State Government.

Legislative focus areas of the WVMA include environmental compliance and safety, civil justice reform, health care, labor relations, economic development initiatives, and more. 

The WVMA has successfully passed policies that help to build an environment for maintaining and attracting manufacturing investment and job creation. These efforts include:

  • Vocally advocating and supporting to provide increased access to community and technical college education for West Virginians. 
  • Successful adoption of environmental policies that balance strong protections with a competitive business environment. 
  • Fair labor practices including clarification of disqualification of unemployment benefits during a voluntary work stoppage, and expanded drug testing options for employers. 
  • The adoption of the Workplace Freedom Act making West Virginia the 26th state to adopt right-to-work.
  • Workers compensation reform.

The WVMA also monitors and actively opposes legislation that would be harmful the manufacturing industry and potential growth.