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Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va., is being attacked for voting for the Infrastructure Bill. That’s like criticizing someone for having the foresight to fix a hole in his roof before the next storm.

One of the central functions of government is to make sure that the roads, bridges and ports of the country are properly built and maintained. We’ve seen what happened when we didn’t have enough capacity to bring in ships at Los Angeles and elsewhere – ships backed up and cargoes delayed. That slowed down business and made it harder for customers to get the goods they had ordered. It helped drive inflation.

We can all see the problems with unrepaired streets. Like me, you’ve probably suffered damage to your car from dropping into potholes that yawned like bottomless pits a split second before we hit them.

The Infrastructure Bill provided much-needed investment in broadband, something that is crucial for a largely rural state like West Virginia. We have a greater cost than most states in getting that last mile of rapid internet connection out to our far-flung citizens. It also provided money for capping oil and gas wells, and rehabilitating abandoned mine land. That makes our state safer and more productive.

Businesses understand that you have to keep investing in your equipment and machinery to keep it operating and producing goods. Acme Springs and Widgits has to continually invest in plant maintenance, faster spring-makers, and new loading docks. It’s capital spending, spending money to make money.

The Infrastructure Bill funded America’s capital spending. It was the means of financing needed improvements in the nation’s physical systems. Better roads means faster transport, lower costs and better results. Faster internet service lets us expand business opportunities everywhere, not just New York and Los Angeles.

This was not Build Back Better, the multi-trillion dollar boondoggle that was intended to throw cash at a liberal wish list of social programs and climate change initiatives. Rep. McKinley voted against that bill, and rightly so.

David McKinley understands the difference between a boondoggle and a benefit. He can discern between spending and investing. He’s helped to bring the state the resources to develop and grow. Let’s re-elect him so he can continue that effort.

Rebecca McPhail is president of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association.