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Charleston, W.Va. - The West Virginia Manufacturers Association and its members applaud the ongoing efforts of the West Virginia DEP as they facilitate a stakeholder workgroup to develop a process for establishing scientifically defensible human health criteria for our state.

The WVMA conducted an extensive review of US EPA recommendations when preparing comments as allowed by the 2019 WV Legislature. This review created several questions related to methodology and the age of the studies used in establishing the EPA’s recommendations which are just that…recommendations. States are encouraged by the US EPA to develop their own criteria, and the stakeholder workgroup continues to make progress on doing what makes the most sense in protecting the health of West Virginians. 

I want to emphasis that the WVMA advocates criteria development based on science, regardless of whether that makes the criteria higher or lower.  In its review the WVMA recommended 21 criteria that were more stringent, or lower, than the current West Virginia criteria. At the same time opponents only advocate changes that would make the criteria more stringent, ignoring science where it justifies higher criteria…a departure from their position in 2019.

HB 2389 is a solid step forward for West Virginia, and the work group it establishes can help assure that future criteria are right of our state.