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WV Chamber LogoCharleston, W.Va.The West Virginia Manufacturers Association and the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce have both come out in strong support of the West Virginia Student Success Act of 2019.  The Student Success Act contains many provisions that will benefit parents, students, and teachers across West Virginia.  Consideration of the bill will occur in the West Virginia Senate on Saturday, June 1.

Rebecca McPhail, President of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association, stated, “Successful business and industries are built on innovation, competition, evaluation, and evolution.  Strong education systems must demonstrate these same qualities.  The WVMA believes that there is need for bold change and ongoing review of an evolving education system.  As consumers of our public education system, we see firsthand the deficiencies of the current system as we struggle with the state’s workforce pipeline.  West Virginians deserve the best return possible on their education investment, yet despite an underperforming public-school system, West Virginia funds public education at some of the highest levels in the country.  Our students deserve better, our teachers deserve better, and parents should have more options for obtaining a quality education for their children.  Members of the WVMA support efforts to leave behind the status quo mentality in West Virginia education and increase student achievement.”

West Virginia Chamber President Steve Roberts stated, “Ensuring that every child receives a world-class education is one of the most important responsibilities for a society.  A strong system of public education opens multiple doors and is essential to attract investment and create jobs.  Unfortunately, our current education system does not meet the demands of the 21st Century, and our students deserve better.  This important piece of legislation provides a 5% pay raise for our hard-working teachers and school service personnel, gives counties the flexibility to attract quality teachers in critical need subjects, enhances professional development to give teachers and principals the tools they need to help students who are living through the opioid epidemic, and returns more control and discretion to the local level.”

Roberts continued, “Everyone in our state wants jobs and economic development.  Education is the most important ingredient in a state’s business climate puzzle.  Ultimately, this is about the children and ensuring they have the ability to make it in a knowledge-based world.”

With nearly 200 members statewide, the West Virginia Manufacturers Association represents the quality and diversity of manufacturing in the Mountain State. Through policy development, advocacy, a focus on workforce preparedness, and providing a strong industry network, the WVMA works to improve the health and well-being of manufacturing in West Virginia.  Learn more at www.wvma.com

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