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Media Minute— a weekly dispatch of local, national and world news impacting West Virginia’s manufacturing industry.

West Virginia

Legal challenge...

WVMA Media MinuteWVMA Media Minute

Media Minute— a weekly dispatch of local, national and world news impacting West Virginia’s manufacturing industry.

West Virginia

Legal challenge to WV right-to-work law on thin ice
West Virginia MetroNews

The West Virginia Legislature last year passed Senate Bill One, the Workplace Freedom Act. The Legislature overrode a veto by Governor Tomblin ...

Fair standards are key to state growth
West Virginia Record

Wastewater treatment systems at manufacturing plants treat their process water ... McPhail is president of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association.

West Virginia Tax Reform Bill Is One Step Closer to Becoming a Law
Highland Mirror

The bill that could enormously change the income of the state, sales, and severance taxes made its first major headway in the Legislature of West ...

Senate Committee Approves Tax Reform Plan with New Revisions
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Robert Karnes is the chair of the Senate's Select Committee on Tax Reform .... West Virginia's real property tax is one of the lowest in the nation and ...

Budget Battle Still Brewing In West Virginia
Wheeling Intelligencer

Photo by Evan Bevins West Virginia Speaker of the House Tim Armstead, right, ... The Higher Education Reform Bill, which has passed the House of ... support any tax increases, Carmichael said only “in the context of tax reform.

The 10 Things You Need to Know about the Senate's Latest Tax Reform Plan
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

West Virginia's current personal income tax is a graduated tax rate- or the more money a West Virginian makes, the larger their tax rate is. Those taxes ...

Gas compression company to make immediate hires at new manufacturing site in Northern ...
West Virginia MetroNews

WEIRTON, W.Va. — Nearly 60 people could have jobs at a natural gas company in West Virginia's Northern Panhandle within the next three months.

Tensions soar over AG's right-to-work law action

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WDTV)- Tensions are high once again now that our state attorney general has petitioned the Supreme Court to overrule a ...

United States

EPA Delays Chemical Storage Rule Amid Terrorism Fear

The Trump administration is delaying a new rule tightening safety requirements for companies that store large quantities of dangerous chemicals.

Manufacturing Moves to Right to Work States

For many years, it was a pillar of conventional labor-policy wisdom that manufacturing jobs in the U.S. were overwhelmingly located in states that did ...

GM announces 900 jobs as Trump visits Detroit
DETROIT -- With President Trump due to visit a suburb here to talk about the auto industry, General Motors announced plans Wednesday to add or ...

API data show an unexpected decline in US crude supplies: sources

The American Petroleum Institute late Tuesday reported a decline of 531,000 barrels in U.S. crude supplies for the week ended March 10, according to ...

Harvesting Jobs From Our Forests
Wheeling Intelligencer

Making West Virginia's forests pay — while avoiding the environmental ... business in West Virginia more attractive than manufacturing elsewhere.

Labor Dept.: US Adds 28000 Manufacturing Jobs In February

The report indicated that the food manufacturing and machinery sectors added 9,000 and 7,000 jobs, respectively, which helped erase a 6,000-job ...

New Jobs In Marijuana Industry To Eclipse New Manufacturing Jobs By 2020
The Inquisitr

The rise in legal marijuana sales is so large in the industry that job growth makes total sense at the end of the day. Now those jobs could be open so ...

Will Cheap Robots Prevent a Comeback in Jobs?

Donald Trump rode a wave of anger and frustration among blue-collar workers, who had watched 8 million manufacturing jobs vanish over 30 years, ...

The return of manufacturing
DC Velocity

With the advent of the new administration in Washington, we hear great hope that the kind of manufacturing jobs we lost in the last few decades will ...

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