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WVMA All State Meeting 1040x150 1b

Cyclops Industries is a designer and manufacturer of safety sight glasses, viewport assemblies, sight flow indicators, spray rings, sight lights and sight glass replacements for observing processes in industrial pressure vessels and pipelines. Cyclops sight glass provides maximum safety under high pressure, high temperature, corrosive and volatile processing operations.

They can withstand a wide thermal shock range and are capable of resisting blow out or rupture. In most applications no packings, compression rings or screws are involved, eliminating costly continuous maintenance. With uncomplicated installation, safety sight glasses use only ASME approved materials and tolerances. 

“We are so proud of the rich tradition and history that our grandfather started,” said Kim Mack, President of Cyclops. “We look forward to continuing our service well into the future.”    

To learn more about their service and products, visit their web site at www.CyclopsWV.com or call (800) 292-9011.