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  • July 17 - New Markets Tax Credit Financing

    July 17 The federal new markets tax credit program provides up to 25% of any short-fall in financing (which generally must be at least $4 million) for (a) the purchase, expansion, and/or renovation of manufacturing facilities; (b) the purchase of equipment; and/or (c) other operational needs.  This subsidy is in the form of a 7-year forgivable which only requires approximately 1.5% interest-only payments during 7 years.  Facilities and operations must be located in a rural community or low-income census tract.
  • August 12 - Using Public Relations to Advance Public Policy

    August 12 Have you ever wondered what why certain pieces of legislation are passed and others are forgotten? What communication tools are best to effectively send your messages to the correct audience? Join us as TSG Consulting goes over how public relations interacts with public policy and the tools to use to get the results you desire.   Tom Susman has a decade of experience providing lobbying, public relations and strategic planning services to his clients. He is president of TSG Consulting, LLC. 
  • September 16 - WVMAEF Explore the New Manufacturing Program: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

    The WVMA Educational Fund’s (WVMAEF) mission is  to link industry and education through its Explore the New Manufacturing Program which  consists of presentations, academies, and video contests.  The goal of these programs, targeting middle school students across West Virginia, is to create awareness and interest in manufacturing careers, as well as the subsequent educational and training pathways through manufacturer-student engagement. The WVMAEF is continually building networks and seeking collaborative opportunities with organizations to more effectively and efficiently create a workforce and provide avenues for our young folks to stay in their home state.
  • October 10 - Apprenticeships: A Customized Approach to Workforce Problems

    October 10 Apprenticeship Works at the Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) offers an affordable option for customizing apprenticeship programs in 20 occupations. This grant-supported initiative has partnered with 26 manufacturers, including 12 in West Virginia. These employers recognize the primary benefits to apprenticeship: improved recruitment, standardized training and reduced turnover. Learn how Apprenticeship Works can help your company develop an apprenticeship program targeting your specific needs.
  • November 6 - iOS in Business: Applications that Work for You

    Mobile applications and processes that support your business while giving you the freedom to make the entire world your office Jamie Summers-Brown is the founder and president of Bricks Without Straw, a web-development and design firm in South Charleston, W.Va. Since 2004, his company has served a diverse clientele with offices in both West Virginia and Tokyo, Japan.

Media Minute— a weekly dispatch of local, national and world news impacting West Virginia’s manufacturing industry.

Tax reform bill sparks...

WVMA Media MinuteWVMA Media Minute

Media Minute— a weekly dispatch of local, national and world news impacting West Virginia’s manufacturing industry.

Tax reform bill sparks questions from West Virginians

"We may see a nominal positive impact from it but it's going to be nominal it's not going to be huge, and what little impact we have, it's not worth it to me if I'm going to see that next year that programs that help people in West Virginia are going to be cut,” Hamsher said. With the bill's elimination of the ...

Laura Gilliam: Current tax reform bill does not help charities
Huntington Herald Dispatch

In West Virginia 780,830 filers claimed the charitable deduction accounting for $498,612,000. A 5 percent loss resulting from tax reform would mean $240,930,600 less to fund food pantries, youth mentoring programs, substance abuse treatment, dropout prevention efforts and more. Our tight budgets ...

Sen. Manchin: Tax Reform Bill Brings No Guarantees

There are no guarantees involved in the tax-reform legislation coming up for a vote this week, Sen. Joe Manchin said Monday, so he won't be crossing the aisle to cast his vote with Republicans to pass the measure. "First of all, it's not permanent for the individual," the West Virginia Democrat told Fox ...

Marshall University hosts Chinese delegation at Robert C. Byrd Institute
Huntington Herald Dispatch

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced last month that the Chinese have signed a memorandum of understanding to invest up to $83.7 billion in West Virginia. China Energy Investment Corp. reportedly plans to develop shale gas and chemical manufacturing infrastructure in West Virginia during the ...

Rock Creek pivot: Hoyer says site has great potential for military training
West Virginia MetroNews

But state Senator Ron Stollings (D-Boone) said Monday he fears the change will take away the momentum from the plans to bring manufacturing jobs to southern West Virginia. “I don't want there to be a total replacement of the original project which would bring high-paying manufacturing jobs into just ...

Thrasher sees potential in West Virginia's forests
West Virginia MetroNews

Many of West Virginia's signature industries have long struggled with raw materials being shipped elsewhere to be turned into final products. “It's true in petrochemicals, it's been true in coal and it's true in forestry,” Thrasher said. “So we want to change that. The governor wants those value-added ...

'Inside West Virginia Politics' Looks Back on 2017; Ahead to 2018

"Tax reform isn't necessarily about just cutting taxes. It's really about reform the state tax code in a way that's going to lead to more economic growth in the state of West Virginia," said State Sen. Ryan Ferns, (R) Ohio - Majority Leader. "Once again its very much a look back on 2017, with a look ahead tp ...

Constellium awarded the 2017 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award for its ...

The hull plates, produced at Constellium's plant in Ravenswood, West Virginia, were live fire tested with excellent results, which were utilized by U.S. Army experts to generate requirements for future Army combat vehicles. This technique offers the Army redesign flexibility not available with alternative ...

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