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WVMA All State Meeting 1040x150 1a

Touchscreens need to be electrically conductive to respond to touch and are typically coated with indium tin oxide for that p -More

The Trump administration is expressing skepticism that an infrastructure package will be adopted before the midterm elections -More

The Trump administration has worked to roll back energy regulations since the president issued an "energy independence" execu -More

The Michigan Senate will take up a bill passed by the House that addresses regulation of and criminal offenses related to dro -More

Data collected and tabulated by the American Chemistry Council show that growth in global chemical production continued on a

A. Schulman earned $3.5 million on revenue of $650.1 million in the fiscal second quarter that ended Feb.  -More


The US has rescinded its demand that 50% of the content of vehicles be made in the US from North American Free Trade Agreemen -More

ACC's resin reports are recognized as a leading data source on the plastic resins industry.


Company strategy will likely need an update if your market shifts, customers don't see the value or the company vision is old -More