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The first step to increased productivity is to stop acting and instead reflect on where we are and where we want to be, write -More

Tariffs and higher interest rates in the US are beginning to disrupt chemical trade and have other negative effects on some g -More

Shell Chemical Appalachia has erected the quench tower at an under-construction chemical site in Monaca, Pa., marking a major -More

The White House hasn't asked the Chemical Safety Board to curb its regulatory work, despite comments from various sources sug -More

California's Proposition 65 rule confuses the public and burdens businesses, says Karyn Schmidt of the American Chemistry Cou -More


Companies must routinely check the accuracy of the data used for their risk assessments and safety programs related to safety -More

More truck drivers and trucks are needed to support the Appalachian Basin's shale production growth, says the American Chemis -More

Isaac Asimov, writer and professor

MIT researchers developed ultrathin semiconducting films made with gallium arsenide, lithium fluoride and gallium nitride, us -More

Employees will doubt the sincerity of praise if it's delivered in the same breath as corrective feedback, writes Jennifer V.  -More