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Thich Nhat Hanh, monk and peace activist

Newly appointed leaders may feel eager to bring their ideas to fruition, but teams can resent too much change attempted too q -More

Companies can take advantage of online guides to help them decide how to engage with 3D printing.  -More

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose a replacement for the Obama-era Clean Power Plan in the near futur -More

The American Chemistry Council, 3M and other organizations are backing Circulate Capital, a company that will invest in compa -More

The EU and US are two of several places where regulators are reviewing Praxair and Linde's proposed merger.  -More

Virtual reality tools are becoming a more affordable and faster way for employers to provide new hires with training that dee -More

Bayer will begin integrating Monsanto into its operations after closing the sale of assets to BASF.  -More

The US and Mexico are negotiating on automotive and investor state dispute settlement rules, among other areas, and hope to r -More

Occidental Petroleum made $848 million on revenue of $4.13 billion in the second quarter, with chemical segment earnings of $ -More