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The WVMA is the manufacturers voice to the 134 members of the West Virginia Legislature and to other public policy makers.  We focus on issues that affect manufacturers and supporting industry, and speak as a unified bloc for our members.
The WVMA educates legislators and regulators at state and national levels about issues of concern to the manufacturing community and its workers.  

The WVMA is recognized as an active and influential force in West Virginia State Government, and that reputation continues to grow as more-and-more WVMA members are the “go to” players for manufacturing and related industry. Frequently introducing pro-business/employer policy concepts to lawmakers, the WVMA takes a member driven approach in identifying issues of interest to members and their employees. 

The legislative focus areas of the WVMA include environmental compliance and safety, civil justice reform, health care, human resources, economic development initiatives, and more. 

In the past the WVMA has been instrumental in the following:

  • Serving as a resource to state lawmakers, the administration, and state regulatory agencies in the development of environmental legislation that is effective while maintaining a manufacturing-friendly atmosphere in West Virginia. In most recent efforts, the WVMA continues to serve as resource leader in the technical components of Senate Bill 373, avoiding a regulatory over-reach that would hinder the operations of responsible companies.
  • Passage of Brownfields legislation to allow for the redevelopment of abandoned land suitable for industrial use. Legislation hailed as a national model. 
  • The reforming of West Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation program.
  • The stabilization of the West Virginia Unemployment Compensation Fund.  
  • Manufacturing Inventory Tax Credit legislation that went into effect in 2010, providing a 100% tax credit only to manufacturers only – resulting in a savings of approximately $22 million to West Virginia manufacturers.
  • Passage of Joint & Several Liability Reform
  • Passage of Right to Work