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Always committed to providing members with the latest and best information on manufacturing trends, the WVMA regularly offers short webinars on hot topics in the industry. These important information sessions are free to members and are available for a nominal cost to non-members. Webinars present information from industry experts within the WVMA or from others who may be invited as topical experts.

Now in its second year, Trend Talks is presented via the Zoom online video conferencing platform and live participation is required. Previous topics include cyber security, social media management, and legislative policy. We invite anyone who has suggestions about trends worth highlighting to reach out to the WVMA.

May 21, 2019

Active Shooters are unfortunate events that continue to rise over these last 20 years especially in the workplace.  Employee education, planning, practicing, and communication are key ways to better prepare your facility in Active Shooter Response.  We will go over how to respond during an Active Shooter situation to better increase your chance of survival.

June 5, 2019

Can the Design/Build construction method reduce project costs and shorten schedules, leading to shorter service outages? Chad Earle, director of business development at ORDERS Construction Company, will provide an overview of the design/build process. He will examine the pros and cons of the design/build process and discuss what pitfalls to avoid.  Earle will demonstrate and discuss how design/build can expedite the construction process and ultimately reduce the costs associated with shutdown down time and save owners money related to actual construction costs and expenses.

The WVMA Educational Fund’s (WVMAEF) mission is  to link industry and education through its Explore the New Manufacturing Program which  consists of presentations, academies, and video contests.  The goal of these programs, targeting middle school students across West Virginia, is to create awareness and interest in manufacturing careers, as well as the subsequent educational and training pathways through manufacturer-student engagement. The WVMAEF is continually building networks and seeking collaborative opportunities with organizations to more effectively and efficiently create a workforce and provide avenues for our young folks to stay in their home state.

August 12

Have you ever wondered what why certain pieces of legislation are passed and others are forgotten? What communication tools are best to effectively send your messages to the correct audience? Join us as TSG Consulting goes over how public relations interacts with public policy and the tools to use to get the results you desire. 

 Tom Susman has a decade of experience providing lobbying, public relations and strategic planning services to his clients. He is president of TSG Consulting, LLC. 

October 10

Apprenticeship Works at the Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI) offers an affordable option for customizing apprenticeship programs in 20 occupations. This grant-supported initiative has partnered with 26 manufacturers, including 12 in West Virginia. These employers recognize the primary benefits to apprenticeship: improved recruitment, standardized training and reduced turnover. Learn how Apprenticeship Works can help your company develop an apprenticeship program targeting your specific needs.

Mobile applications and processes that support your business while giving you the freedom to make the entire world your office

Jamie Summers-Brown is the founder and president of Bricks Without Straw, a web-development and design firm in South Charleston, W.Va. Since 2004, his company has served a diverse clientele with offices in both West Virginia and Tokyo, Japan.